DANCING WITH FRUITS – (Serigraph On Canvas) By – Mihail Chemiakin



All reasonable offers will be considered

“DANCING WITH FRUITS” is a serigraph in 75 colors. The edition size is only 45 and the year of publication was 1998. The image size of the print is 36″ X 36″ and the print is beautifully framed.

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DANCING WITH FRUITS – Serigraph on Canvas

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All reasonable offers will be considered


“DANCING WITH FRUITS” is a rare 75 color serigraph on stretched canvas by Mihail Chemiakin. I am showing the piece in a frame as it appears on the wall in my home. The piece I am offering in this listing is Framed, on stretched canvas, and is in excellent condition and has no damage. The frame may be removed to reduce shipping cost and will be removed for all international shipping.

The unframed price will be quoted separately upon request.

The size of the image is 36” X 36” and the edition is 97.

This piece is beautifully signed using gold ink which is more colorfast than other inks used by Chemiakin in signing many pieces on canvas, including mine as shown in my picture, which is why I am showing a separate picture of the gold signature on this piece.

Chemiakin’s serigraphs are truly master works, representative of his best work in the graphic medium. While he has created in excess of 200 editions of lithographs, he has created only nine editions of serigraphs. His lithographs usually have 12 to 18 colors, while his serigraphs have 75 to 100 colors, and four to six times the image size in square inches.

Anyone wanting to own works by Mihail Chemiakin will find his serigraphs are by far the most beautiful and valuable in the graphic medium and have very limited availability.


Mihail Chemiakin is one of the foremost international artists of our time. A quote from the Robb Report (Jan. 1995) states “so great are his talents that he is one of the few artists working today who sets the standard by which all other contemporary art is measured”.

He has earned 5 honorary doctorates. The Hermitage Museum held an exhibition in Oct. 1995 of such magnitude that a 7 volume catalog was printed for it.

In the picture shown with Boris Yeltsin, Chemiakin is receiving the ‘State Prize of Russia” for Arts and Letters. President Yeltsin came to Washington DC to make this presentation to Chemiakin, not for a state visit with President Clinton.

The next picture shows Chemiakin with President Gerald Ford.

The next picture shows Chemiakin with President Gorbachov.

The next picture shows Chemiakin with Sidney Poitier.

The next picture shows a scupture of Casanova by Chemiakin in St. Mark’s Square.

The last picture is of Chemiakin painting in 1978.