Eight Immortals (8 pc. suite) – Intaglio by Mikulas Kravjansky




This is a suite of eight intaglio prints on hand made paper with heavy embossing and metallic inlays pencil signed, numbered and dated by Mikulas Kravjansky. The edition size is 100 and year of publication 1986. The eight intaglio prints come in a gold finished, heavy paper portfolio. Note extensive details below.

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This is a suite of eight intaglio prints on hand made paper with heavy embossing and metallic inlays pencil signed, numbered and dated by Mikulas Kravjansky. The edition size is 100 and year of publication 1986. The listing is for eight (8) prints, however; SOME PRINTS MAY BE PURCHASED INDIVIDUALLY.

This suite comes in a heavy paper portfolio with a gold colored finish as show.

Each of the prints in the edition has been completely created by the hand of the artist one at a time beginning with the creation of the plates, to applying the ink by hand followed by wipes, brush strokes and other methods used in the creation of the image. Thus, each piece in the edition is unique. The list price is $7,200.00.

Upon completion of the plates, all colors of ink are applied to the combined plates by hand and a sheet of wet, hand made paper, placed on it. This is covered by felt and passed through the steel rollers of an etching press at over 40,000 lbs. per sq. inch of pressure. This squeezes the water out of the paper and the suction draws the ink into it. This hand process is repeated for each print in the creation of the edition.

Metallic inlays are laid on each sheet and printed simultaneously with the sheet. After a week of drying, Kravjansky may add hand painting and laminates the metallic inlays to the paper. His editions are all small as the plates will only print a limited quantity before wearing out, after which he destroys the plates.

Mikulas Kravjansky was born in Czechoslovakia in 1928 where he attended the Academy of Arts in Bratislava. He became one of the foremost set and costume designers in the Czechoslovakian theater and state television. In 1968, he and his family immigrated to Canada where he became Assistant Master of Art at Toronto’s Humber College.

He is listed in Who’s who in the World, Who’s Who in American Art, The Printworld Directory and Scenography Throughout the World.


Getting to Know Each of the 8 Immortals

First Immortal

Chung-Li Chuan

Chung-Li Chuan, considered the chief of the immortals, he always carries a magical fan and sometimes a peach. He is said to have discovered the Elixir of life and possessed the power to cure the sick and revive the dead. This immortal is a symbol of and longevity.

Second Immortal

Chang Kuo-Lao

Chang Kuo-Lao, is represented as an ‘Old’ man with mystic powers who carries the bamboo tube and riding a mule that could carry him a thousand miles a day. He’s a symbol of wisdom and used to help childless couples conceive.

Third Immortal

Lu Dong-Pin

Lu Dong-Pin, is a Taoist scholar with a magic sword used to slay demons and evil spirits. He’s also shown with a fly-whisker that cures illnesses. This immortal symbolizes scholastic luck and protection.

Fourth Immortal

Ts’ao Guao-chiu

Ts’ao Guao-chiu, is the finest dressed of the Eight immortals. He’s generally shown with castanets or a jade tablet of admission to court, and sometimes a feather fan. Said to have been connected with the Sung Imperial family, he signifies fame and recognition.

Fifth Immortal

Li T’ieh Guai (Iron-crutch Li)

Li T’ieh Guai (Iron-crutch Li), is depicted as a beggar with a crutch and a gourd (wu lou). He is sometimes represented as accompanied by a deer. Believed to be the most powerful of the Eight, he bestows wisdom.

Sixth Immortal

Han Hsiang Tzu

Han Hsiang Tzu, is the happy immortal often shown carrying a flute, which he is usually represented as playing. He brings healing energy to the occupants.

Seventh Immortal

Lan T’sai Ho

Lan T’sai Ho, often shown wearing blue robe and carrying a basket of flowers. She brings luck to young women.

Eighth Immortal

He Hsien Ku

He Hsien Ku, carries with her a magical lotus blossom and a fly-whisk, she’s called the Immortal Maiden. She is a symbol of family and marriage luck.