JERUSALEM – Oil Painting by Kravjansky



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“JERUSALEM” – Oil painting by Mikulas Kravjansky with a framed size of 48″ X 101″. The condition of both the art and frame is excellent. The artist painted this in 1982 and it is hand signed and dated in oil.



Allreasonable offers will be considered


JERUSALEM is a magnificent oil painting by internationally renowned artist, Mikulas Kravjansky. The meticulous detail which exists in the painting, is not evident in the picture.

The overall framed size of the piece is 48″ X 101″. The condition of both the art and frame is excellent. The artist painted this in 1982 and it is hand signed and dated in oil.

Kravjansky speaks about the piece:

“Creating this triptych I like to pay homage to the place of all places, to the city of all cities. As the meeting point for three major world religions, Jerusalem is imbued with the holy spirit found in no other place. The steady stream of pilgrims of all faiths, that come to Jerusalem paying homage to their holy places, gives meaning to the name Holy City. It was the place where the Hebrew nation flowered, where Christianity developed and where Islam saw some of its finest hours.”

Gallery price for this extraordinary quality work should be $35,000 or more. The frame alone is $2,500. Certainly this must be one of the best values in the market for a work of such quality by an artist of Kravjansky’s stature.

In 1982, an edition of intaglio prints by Kravjansky was published titled Jerusalem. This also was a triptych with a similar, but different image. It was about 20% smaller, having three panels of equal size 31″H X 23″W. The edition size was 190. The edition sold out at $6,000.00 per triptych.


Description of Buildings:

Mikulas Kravjansky identifies the buildings shown on his oil painting titled “Jerusalem” and describes their significance in this magnificent work of art.


Church of St. Magdalena

Building in the style of Greek Orthodox is hosting the same Christian church. Right in the vicinity is the modern building of the Church of all Nations.

The Tomb of Zacharias

This is one of a group of tomb monuments in the Kidron Valley. All of these monuments, the “Hand of Absalom”, the “Beth ha Hofshit” and the “Tomb of Zacharias” are hewn from rock and show a peculiar mixture of different styles.

The Wailing Wall

The Temple of Herod was never completed. Herod began work on it when his reign was in its eighteenth year (20 – 19 B.C.E.). The construction continued for a long while beyond Herod’s lifetime. The temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. Today there exists, of all its splendor, only remains of the wall around the Temple Square, known as the “Wailing Wall”. Some idea of the immensity of the stone blocks used in its construction may be gained from their size relation to the figures, praying at the Wailing Wall”.

Dome of the Rock

The golden Dome of the Rock is one of the finest examples of religious buildings anywhere in the world. Its mosaic covered walls constantly delight the eye as the intensity of color changes according to the strength and direction of the sunlight.

David’s Tower

Adjoining Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate is the Citadel also known as David’s Tower, which was once the fortress guarding the palace of Herod the Great.

Greek inscription from the Temple of Herod; 37 – 4 B.C.E.

“No alien may enter within the balustrade and the enclosure around the sanctuary. Whoever is caught himself shall be put blame for the death which will ensue.”

This is one of the two warning inscriptions of Herod’s temple which have been found. Placed on the balustrade before the Holy Place of the Temple they warned the pagan visitor not to proceed and thus commit an act of destruction.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The assortment of buildings, towers and domes that make up the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in fact mark the site of a small hill, Calvary and the Holy Tomb.

The holiest shrine of Christianity, where worshipers from around the world regularly gather at such times as Good Friday.

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